Outfit Of The Day// Rainy Day Look

Oh dear summer, How we have all been waiting for you! Since summer has finally arrived you have brought rain today! So from the other side of the wardrobe i have pulled out my autumn clothes out. I don’t know about you but this top made my outfit look very summery but really i love pink so i wear it all year round.


The outfit i am wearing today, tells exactly about my mood and what i think of today’s weather. Even though the weather is rainy and very humid with very little wind. I am keeping my feet dry and throwing my Timberland’s on, i don’t care if my feet are sweaty at least they are dry!


So recently i have been shopping and it was the first time i went shopping for clothes and not make-up, So my fashion blogging is coming along! I finally owe a few pair of summery shoes instead of pumps an trainers!

So this top is from Primark!! it was a bargain… In the sale for only Ā£3.00 pounds! i know right… why so cheap. I have teamed it up with some Black high waisted jeans from Miss guided and then my old timberland’s.


Thanks For Reading

Love Itsagirlsdream xox


24 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day// Rainy Day Look”

  1. I love the top! That’s why I love black jeans, you can literally pair them with anything! What nail polish are you wearing?! I really like it xo

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