What’s In My Purse This Summer


The current bag i am using is small so it fits my basic essentials i need, so this brown tassel bag i got from asos in the sale a couple of months a go is a must have! I love it and it goes with all my outfits.


Rose gold sunglasses i also got from asos! The Victoria Secrets Mist, Vaseline which i get really dry lips in the summer due the change in weather. My Friendship bracelet that my boyfriend bought me! I don’t always wear it but it’s always in my bag, and lately i always have two pens on me incase i need to write anything down.

Whats in your purse this Summer?

17 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse This Summer”

  1. Those sunglasses are slaying!! And I absolutely love that VS mist, it smells great doesn’t it?! Great post, would mean a lot if you checked my blog out back xx

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