Time for a facial pamper session

I don't know about you but  i do love a good facial at home, after working all weekend and being a full time mum all day, it drains you out but a good facial can brighten your day up. I usually pick up my pamper products up on a weekday, because i sit in front … Continue reading Time for a facial pamper session

OFTD: June 13th 2017

ME|Details: TOP (SIMILAR HERE) JEANS| (HERE) MYLES| TOP (HERE) | LEGGINGS (HERE) These embroidered tops have been everywhere lately, this top i purchased from Zara a couple of weeks a go but i not find it on the site anymore, due to the new season that has just come in. i would definitely wear this out … Continue reading OFTD: June 13th 2017

10 Prettiest Beauty Products

I've seen posts like these on other blogs and I gotta say I wanted to do one straight away. I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy items with packaging / looks in mind - call me shallow. But usually if a beauty/skincare product has rave reviews and ace packaging, there's very little to … Continue reading 10 Prettiest Beauty Products

How To Make The End Of Your Pregnancy Suck A Little Less

Despite the fact that i love being pregnant, these final last days have been challenging, I've managed to have a much better outlook, this is how i have manged my last final days. FILL UP YOUR SCHEDULE- I've scheduled days out, appointments, planned girly days out. This is so i have not been thinking about … Continue reading How To Make The End Of Your Pregnancy Suck A Little Less