Unique Bloggers Award

This is the Unique Blogger Award which i was nominated for by the beautiful Kittyp0p and i wanna say thank you again cause her blog is amazzzing! Check her out and follower her…

why i blog

The Rules for this award are to share a link to the blog of the person who yoou (already done) answer their questions and nominate 8+ blogs and then ask them 3 questions of your own. Let’s go it!

  1. Do you have a job? if so, what is it?- Yes I’ve been working as carer for the last 2 and half years.
  2. How often do you pamper? i get my nails done every 3/4 weeks, i have my hair done every 6 weeks roots retouched, I would never let anyone else do my make-up I’m so fussy and most products dont agree with my skin. I have a pamper night 3/4 nights a week and i do a mini facial every night.
  3. Water park! i love water parks.

why i blog2

My nominess for the Unique blogger Award

  1. Tab’s Style
  2. AYR galaxy
  3. Claudia f. Gomez
  4. Beth B Beauty
  5. Ingridmadison
  6. KippinsBeautyBlog
  7. Msmeehnia
  8. AmethystRoseBeauty

Lastly My three Questions?

What was the Last Thing you Drank?

What is one quote that inspires you?

Who is your biggest supporter in everything you do?

Thank you xox


11 thoughts on “Unique Bloggers Award”

  1. Yay! Congratulations again and thank you for answering my questions (: is that something you want to do as a career for your life? I’m glad you treat yourself haha I do all those things myself and sometimes struggle to find time for them! I love water parks, but I think I prefer a place that has it AND roller coasters (:

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    1. No it isn’t something I want to do for life I’m starting uni in September to do business human resource management that’s something I want to go into, and it’s hard to do everything whilst working and being a full time mum and treating yourself… but that’s what my mums there for she takes him for a couple of hours whilst I have a day of treating myself x

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