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July Goals

I must say I’m pretty excited for this month. My little boy is 1 in just under 5 days!! So my mind is all over the place lately… Planning a 1st Birthday party is so hard work! Other than that this month i have set so many goals, i need to keep track each month making sure I’m working towards my goals.


1| Get into Shape

Another month about getting my body back, i must say I’m doing well on this i have achieved going to GYM twice a week again and doing home workouts also twice a week yaaaay!

2| Save Money

I think this is my goal every month! I need to save as much as possible as I’m starting UNI very soon. so i will be focused on saving every penny i can! i want to go to a lot of places before i start UNI.

3| Daily posts to Instagram

I get most engagement when i post daily, so i really want to maintain this for a whole 2 weeks and see how this affects things… However it’s an great excuse to take more pictures!

4|Create more lifestyle blogs.

I feel like my blog has been very beauty orientated lately, and although I love that, I don’t want to neglect the other ideas I’ve been collecting in my blog journal!

5| Drink more water

Another thing that i am so incredibly bad at is drinking water- especially if I’m at home all day! I drink alot of tea!


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