Three Of my Favourite Fragrances This Summer

Hello Beauties, I wanted to do a post about the three perfumes that i have being loving this summer.

Firstly it would be Lacoste touch of pink, my favourite, the fruity scent brings joyful moments. Definitely recommend this perfume.


This other perfume is fairly new to my perfume collection it is the Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum it’s so lovely it’s such a nice fruity smell. Not only is it a gorgeous bottle which looks great on my dressing table. The scent is perfect for summer months.


Last but not least is the Victoria Secret Such A Flirt Body Mist i got this for Christmas, my mum each year goes and spend loads of money in Victoria Secret for me and my sister and this year i got like 6 bottles of body mist and i would say this is my favourite. This is perfect for summer!


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