What’s In My Latest In Beauty Box?

So this month i decided to order myself the latest in beauty box, this is £15 a month and you pick up to 6 products you want from 50 beauty products. so as it’s coming up to summer I’ve decided to pick some beauty products that will make my skin glow. I went for the MUA warm tones of eye shadows, as i really think this makes my eyes stand out! I love the bronzey tones in summer and the glow look.


MUA Twelfth Night Eyeshadow Palette– This eyeshadow palette, It has some lovely golds, greens, purples and greys. They is 12 different colours and its great to create that bronzey eye look.

Rosalena Rock And Rose Face Oil– This face oil is now a part of my daily skincare, over the last couple of days i have noticed my skin has brighten up so much. It also adds a radiant glow to my skin!

The White Company Orange Grove– So i haven’t burnt this candle yet but the smell smells beautiful it combines a fresh orange peel.

Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask– So i use these mask weekly, so i thought i would stick to what i know. So this mask helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. it will leave your skin looking more radiant.

The Body Shop The Oils Life Intensely Revitalising  Facial Oil– So This oil helps fight signs of ageing which I’m too young to start ageing, but it makes my skin more elastic and firmer. The oil helps lock moisture and nutrients in and works together with the moisturiser which I’m going to invest.

The Organic Pharmacy Marigold And Comfrey Hand Cream – So I’ve use this hand cream as i have one on the good, but looking at the reviews it seems really good for the money.

I would recommend this beauty box!



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