June Goals

Have you heard anyone say they love the warmer months? well i LOVE the warmer months, i know it doesn’t really hit the double digits when it comes to the temperature in the U.K, but the light evenings, holidays, day time drinking… so much to be happy about!

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June Goals

  1. June is more month closer to my little boys 1st birthday! i can’t wait to put all my planning into one big day for him!
  2. Make good use of my time, i haven’t really been leaving my comfort zone a lot lately and i need to start planning some little trips and exploring the world a little bit more.
  3. Set myself some goals, i feel like i’m at a good stage in life, that i’m a little bit more settled and happy, but i don’t really have any BIG goals set in place.
  4. Get a hair cut and dye my hair, i defo need a new style in my life! seriously, It’s summer and my hair looks so dull its untrue.
  5. Start taking early morning walks, this week i have been taking morning walks as the weather has been amazing! So this month i want to be able to achieve a early walk at-least three times a week.
  6. Take picture of anything and everything! i want my Instagram to be more active with lovely photos of my daily lifestyle.
  7. Spend more time with friends, this month i want to make an effort to met up with friends, i find this hard, having a child and not be able to find anyone to watch him whilst i go out for a drink or a coffee with my friends it’s hard, so my goal is this month is met up with my friends atleast once week.

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