First Year Uni: My Experience

And just like that, the first year is all over. I can’t believe my first year has come to an end, it’s gone so quickly. I havnt really experienced the whole university thing, living in halls, gone out clubbing on student nights. I still live a home, I have a child and I spend most of time with my little boy. So I will say my uni life has a little different than other students out there.

For abit about my degree is, I’m studying business Human Resources management, which literally 20 mins away from my house. The reason I didn’t pick another university further afield is I have a child and I imagined it would be hard work doing everything on my own.

I chose business management in Human Resources because I took an interest in it in college. I’m all for assignment and not exams so this is why I chose this degree. Each unit has taught me something new and I’ve learnt something new every classes I’ve been too.

I was worried at the beginning thinking I wouldn’t fit in, and I wouldn’t make no new friends due to not being in halls. Luckily I’ve met some people in the same situation as me, mothers to kids and work part time as well as going to university. So to wrap up I would like anyone share their first year at university experiences in the comments below.

Thanks Itsagirlsdream xo

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