Stop Comparing Yourself

Something i’m seriously guilty of comparing myself to others, to the point it affects my self-confidence. I always remind myself by saying in my head “STOP COMAPRING MYSELF” it’s completely unhelpful. However I’ve continuously had to remind myself when I begin myself down.

When you enter the blogging world, you compare yourself to every other blogger out there. Blogging opens you up to a lot of self-criticism and doubt. Although I have some amazing followers and received some really amazing comments, there’s no-one of authority around you to say “You’re doing well, good job”. Even though I’m not a full-time blogger, i still view this as a part-time job and it’s very hard to keep on track.

Back 2 years ago when I first started blogging, it wasn’t as popular as it is today. The blogging community has tripled. So I’ve been recently began to appreciate all these amazing bloggers out there and how incredible they are. This made me realise that I can also do this and that I shouldn’t compare myself to other bloggers, as I should be doing my own thing.

My whole life, I’ve spent a lot of my time comparing myself and I how I look, I aint going to lie to anyone about this but it has destroyed parts of my life and I find it hard to talk about it. You can compare yourself to everyone, but you’ll never be like them.

Mostly it’s important to focus on yourself, the clothes that suit you, the photos you take, the words that you write, these are something you are good at. People will read your blog because you are different. The way you look and how you dress and your personality, this what makes you! You can spend your entire life comparing yourself, however it will only lower yourself.

stop comparing.jpg

Thanks for reading…

Itsagirlsdream xo

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