The Truth About Toners

So if you are a skincare freak like me, then you’re probably aware of the debate over whether toners are worthwhile. If your not into skincare then a toner is like a lightweight formula abit like water, you dab it onto your skin after washing but before applying any other products.

truth toner

So some people will tell you they’re a waste of money, as others will tell you they’re a crucial step in achieving any flawless skin. So what is the truth?

So basically putting the right ingredients on your skin can completely transform it. We shouldn’t be bothered about the debate whether or not toners are worthwhile, we should be gaining the knowledge about what your skin needs, and make sure we use the right products!

I have found that adding toner in my evening routine really benefits my skin. But the truth in toners is they don’t do much to your skin, most toners out their are useless. However using the right ingredients in the toners will do wonders for your skin. In a toner I will look for these ingredients.


Acne-Free Skin

  • Toners that contain acids meant to remove excess oil from the skin are great for preventing breakouts. Dabbing the toner after you wash will remove the dirt and makeup that the face wash did not get out.
  • Witch Hazel, helps you exfoliate and suck out dirt in the pores
  • Salicylic and Lactic acid is the most important ingredients for your spot treatment and face washes, but toners with skin-clearing ingredient can work to treat current breakouts.

18 thoughts on “The Truth About Toners”

  1. I use toner! It helps me get rid of the remaining dirt or makeup after I washed my face. And also it leaves my skin feeling fresh after that. Love it! I’m using The Body Shop toner too, Seaweed range. My go-to product. Great product and cruelty-free;)

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  2. I have a Body Shop toner, the Vitamin E one! I have honestly never seen my skin look or feel as good as it does after using this for a while! I used to think they were useless as did most other people but now I realise they are an important step before moisturiser!

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  3. I’ve tried a couple toners, but I believe my favorite is Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner. Plus, it has other uses besides your face. If I get razor bumps when I shave, I dab some of it on them and it helps.

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