The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette/ Full Review And Makeup Look

Hello guys! It’s me again with another review yaaay! and guess what it’s Friday and the weekend has started but not for me I work weekends 😦 but aye well here we are with yet another post about makeup and my obsession with makeu is untrue.

So the Naked Heat Palette RRP for £39.50. There are 12 shades with a mixture of both matte and shimmer shadows.

The thing with the Urban Decay palettes is you know you’re going to get good quality eyeshadows. At a glance the Naked Heat palette looks like it is really geared for the summer months, but really the colours will look better in Autumn.

In this makeup look I started off with the Mac Strobe cream, apply desired amount of the product on your finger tip and blend all over your face, leave for around 5/10 mins to dry into your skin before you put anything else on your skin.


I then went onto my new MAC Prep and Prime fix you need to hold the bottle around 12 inches away from your face and spray evenly. You can also use this spray as a finishing spray as well. Once again I leave this 5/10 mins to dry out before I apply my foundation.


I then apply my new NYX foundation and a old Revlon foundation in the shade 008 golden beige I use a beauty blender to blend my foundation into my skin! I love using a beauty blender as It gives you a even tone on your face.


I then went onto using my NARS radiant concealer to dab onto my spots as my skin went really bad when I was at east riding on holiday the change in water makes my skin horrible.


After letting my foundation dry for around 10 mins I went onto using the new rimmel insta fix and matte press powder!  I must say i’m loving it!


So for eyebrows I have used the makeup revolution eyebrow palette in medium to dark. I used the smashbox angle brow brush #12.


So now we will get on to the new urban decay naked palette.


I used the shade SAUCED for a base colour for over my eye lid, it acts as the perfect transition shade, based to the shades on the palette.


I then moved onto the shade Low Blow, this is incredibly pigmented, I used this on the crease of my eye lid to give my eye lid a shadow look and blended upwards towards the brow bone.


I then took the shade CHASER, this is a light nude shade. I applied it on the base of my eye lid to tone down the eye shadow look.makeup3.jpg

To give my brow a defined look I took the shade OUNCE, it is an ivory shimmer shade, perfect for the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes.


Lastly I took the shade HE DEVIL, this is a matte burnt red shade, I added it to the outer corners of my eye to darker a smokey eye look.

Lastly I add my new Maybelline cat eye mascara just to make my eye lashes look fuller as I cant wear eye lashes cause they make my eyes water.

But who can forget the lipstick and new purchase of lipstick is the MAC velvet teddy I did have this a long time ago but I used it once and it melted on the radiator! so to finish my look off I have add some lippy!



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