A Day In The Life Of A Mum

I love reading those “a day in the life of an fashion/beauty/model/editor” pieces. The ones where they rise gloriously at 7.00am with a latte in the their hands. Just like us mums eh? I’ve always wondered. ” A day in the life of a mum” How would that read?


I wake up whenever my child chooses, this could be between 5:30am/7am, I get up instantly because that’s when the demands starts. My child will bang his hands on my drawers and make me take him down starts for a bottle of milk instantly, then I get peppa (hes only one and will say peppa or bar for barney depending on his mood).

7:30 I serve my child breakfast toast, banana, Because most mornings I’m so damn tired, I make myself a cup of tea ( I don’t drink coffee ) I will make myself some breakfast at the same time which is normally a slice of toast. I’ll eat the exactly same thing as my child, but for some reason my plate always has more appeal than my childs own plate.

8:00am The morning activity which is all fun and games we get all the toys out of the toy box and play on living room floor, most the time he just plays with the toy cars as he hacked how to put them down the toy garage I bought him for his birthday.


9:00am Morning nap, yes my child sleeps all night and all day… its miracle I know. In this time I read other peoples blogs, comment on blogs, take a few insta pics, maybe do my makeup, my hair, fake tan, quick shower, do some quick cleaning. This roughly lasts for around about an hour to two hours depending when he gets up.


10:30am Get us both dressed and get us out of the house, this can be a walk to the park, a walk on the canal, by the time we reach the park my child has gone through a whole bottle of juice or more (he drinks for England trust me). So on this day we went on a early morning canal walk as we was dog sitting that day.


12:00pm Lunch time, My child loves eggy bread and pancakes for dinner! He such a good little eater he will eat everything and anything unless it cheese (which he hates). After hes eaten his lunch he’ll watch some TV with another bottle of milk and which I can then eat my lunch in peace and quiet with a nice cup of tea. After we have finished cleaning up after dinner we will do some craft time which contains of my child breaking everything or throwing water on himself. So it’s a quick change before nap time two.


1:30pm Afternoon time, most of time I join nap time I love afternoon naps cause this is where my child loves to cuddle me the most! He normally wakes up between 3:30/4ish. In between this time I preparing tea, blogging, cleaning the house, gardening or just watching TV with some goodies.


5:00pm By tea time I’m totally prepared! so we will have either pork dinner he loves pork, sausages, Fish fingers, Chip, PEAS!, Veg, Pasta  and last not lest Garlic bread, he could get a full pizza of garlic bread.

6:00pm Bath-time… We both love Lush Bath Bombs and my child loves the Lush Ickle Baby Bot we have been using this bath bomb for at least 7 months now and they are great, want a sleeping baby, this bath bomb is what you need! trust me. By 6:20pm my child is ready for bed ready for CBeebies’ Bedtime hour. With a bottle of milk once again.

7:00pm tucked up in bed and quiet time for mummy.


7:30pm-9pm watch all the soaps that are on, run myself a bath, a quick facial and long last I’m ready for bed.


10:00pm take myself to bed look at Instagram, twitter, Facebook and snap chat, and asleep by 10:30pm.

what’s a your day like a mum? please comment below..

Thanks for reading, itsagirlsdream xo



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