Time for a facial pamper session

I don't know about you but  i do love a good facial at home, after working all weekend and being a full time mum all day, it drains you out but a good facial can brighten your day up. I usually pick up my pamper products up on a weekday, because i sit in front … Continue reading Time for a facial pamper session

OFTD: June 13th 2017

ME|Details: TOP (SIMILAR HERE) JEANS| (HERE) MYLES| TOP (HERE) | LEGGINGS (HERE) These embroidered tops have been everywhere lately, this top i purchased from Zara a couple of weeks a go but i not find it on the site anymore, due to the new season that has just come in. i would definitely wear this out … Continue reading OFTD: June 13th 2017

10 Prettiest Beauty Products

I've seen posts like these on other blogs and I gotta say I wanted to do one straight away. I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy items with packaging / looks in mind - call me shallow. But usually if a beauty/skincare product has rave reviews and ace packaging, there's very little to … Continue reading 10 Prettiest Beauty Products

Top Five Beauty Product I Use Daily!

i'm not a beauty-haul kind of girl. My eyeliner is always wonky, my hair looks like the YouTube girls. For a long time i thought this was because i lacked some essential talent. In my experience, these are surprising really good products that actually work! Here is my list of beloved. Maybelline Cover Stick Thick … Continue reading Top Five Beauty Product I Use Daily!

Hello Summer Essentials!

Hello Summer! How have you guys been spending the summer of 2016? Have you started making memories with your friends and family or are you spending time in front of your laptop with your favourite TV show? i have decided to share some of my summer essentials! Perfect Summer Dress First and kind of an … Continue reading Hello Summer Essentials!

Things All You Girls Need To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, i mean, i wish it was, but it isn't. Nor do the happiest of people have a smile on their faces everyday. But i do know one thing, those bad moods can be redeemed. So, the next time you're having a "DOWN DAY", Perhaps try following these little steps... … Continue reading Things All You Girls Need To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

My Top Lush Products

Over time i have been developing my knowledge of the beauty industry with a little help from my blogging friends. One of the things i love about LUSH is there limited edition themed on different events and holidays, for example Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day! But after trying and testing out a mixture of products, … Continue reading My Top Lush Products