Day Out At Yorkshire Sculpture ParkĀ 

So on Sunday me and my partner and his family decided to take a trip to the Yorkshire sculpture park! I love going on Long walks so this is ideal place to go! It's also great if you have dogs too which my partners parents have two beautuful border terriers! However it was very warm… Continue reading Day Out At Yorkshire Sculpture ParkĀ 


How To Keep Stylish When You’re Pregnant?

GET TOTALLY AMAZING SHOES I'm not talking about stilettos! Ballerinas, sneakers or wedged slippers can also beautiful! And definitely friendlier to your feet at the same time. Staying comfortable during pregnancy is much more important than a 10cm heel. In the last trimester your feet may get swollen, sandals and ballerina shoes are more comfortable… Continue reading How To Keep Stylish When You’re Pregnant?


Top Tanning Tips and Tricks

So Summer is pretty much here. However for me equal to the joy of impending sunshine and heat, is my dread of getting my unprepared pale, pasty limbs out! Here i will recommend my current favourite products to use and how! EXFOLIATE AND HYDRATE If you are wanting to fake tan for an event, its… Continue reading Top Tanning Tips and Tricks


Oh Sundays!

    There are two types of Sundays.Adventure Sunday and Lazy Sundays. We have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this typical day. the excitement when the weekends are here and then, only you realise that it's Monday again. There's only a handful of things that sounds appealing!   TIME TO YOURSELF! Having a little you time… Continue reading Oh Sundays!