4 Simple Ways For A Summer Glow

So recently the weather has been surprisingly spring-like in the UK. I’ve been going through my beauty stash for when I want to wear makeup on these sunny days. So I wear something lightweight but it still gives me a confidence boost. As much as I love sitting and applying a full face sometimes I need something quick and easy that still provides me a full coverage and a amazing glow and this is what exactly these 4 wonderful products do.

Too Faced foundation | Born This Way

I adore this foundation, it gives you that lightweight look, but still looks full coverage, it stays on your face longer and gives you that beautiful glow ready for the summer. whenever the warmer months roll around I always find myself reaching for this, especially when the season are transitioning and naturally my skin freaks out and doesn’t know whether it’s dry or oily. it doesn’t matter if my skin looks tired or stressed out my skin looks when I start buffering this into the my complexion it immediately glows. So if you’re not somebody who loves to wear makeup but would like the coverage and glow then this might be the one for you.

Barry M | Deep Glow Bronzer

For cheeks, I’m a sucker for dark bronzer, I find it defines my cheek bones and its a simple beauty hack I’ve used for years. The colour is really dark so if you like a light bronze look then this isn’t for you, its a rich pigment and provides a bronzed glow on your cheek bones, which makes them look healthier.

Benefit |Gimme Brow

My brows are certainly a labour of love, I’ve been trying to grow them out for years but nothing happens I’m fair skinned and I have light eyebrows so they are super skinny and just don’t grow like other peoples, which I’m super jealous about. But because they are not as thick as I want them. I use this this gimme brow just to give some colour to them after I’ve been to have them tinted. I also use a powder and gel to make the most of my eyebrow.

Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara

it’s very rare I keep a mini mascara around but this mascara is something else, I heard a lot of good reviews on this mascara, so I decided to purchase a mini to keep in my spare makeup bag. this product is really something special it gives the perfect amount of separation, volume, lift and it doesn’t smudge or smear either. it wears really well throughout the day and it doesn’t fall down on your cheeks by midday wither. I’m one of those people who has always said I won’t waste my money on mascara as they all do the same thing. Maybelline is one the best by far mascaras I have used, but everyone is to their own options.

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