7 Reasons Why I Smiled Last Week

So it’s the beginning of Feb, last week has been up and down, but I have found and enjoyed some pretty awesome things in between the ups and downs. These are the 7 things I have been smiling at last week.

Knitted jumper and dress

It’s still that of year when knitted jumper are a most! And I have seen some many bloggers on Instagram with these jumpers and I fell in love with them and I had purchase one myself. Both items from miss empire (link).


Every other day has seemed to grace with us with bright blue skies last week. Some rain and wind, however I feel a twinkle of spring arriving. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, and early signs have started to show so I’m pretty happy.


Recently I did a purchase on some makeup I’ve been wanting to try out for months, I just love trying new products out. So the reason of buying these products was just to give my own opinion about these which I will review in a following blog later on.


Having friends and family around me, so been having a tough time lately and I most say the only people I wanted around me. But most of all my little boy gives me the best cuddles and company! But he’s exactly all I need around me.


So I am happy just the way I am I don’t need to lose weight I much rather gain it and feel comfortable in the body I’m in. Nothing beats a full English breakfast on any day throughout the week.


So it’s a well known fact you can’t have too many accessories right? Last month I treated myself to this marble designed watch from ASOS, it’s exactly what I need for my everyday look and it’s goes with everything I owe.


Finally! One thing that has really come along, I’m saving loads of money lately, I’m planning so much lately and I can’t wait to go on these adventures. So I’ve been spending so much time focusing on my university work and spending nights in and cooking food instead of takeaways I’ve saved over 300 pounds (so proud of myself).

So that’s the reasons why I’ve been smiling last week, love to here why you’ve been smiling last week? Now I’m going to open my laptop and finish my uni work off that’s is taking forever to finish but it will all be worth it in the end, hope you all have a great Monday guys

Itsagirlsdream xo

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