Life update 

So I think I’ve mentioned before I have started uni… and the pressure have rised. I mean going to uni, working part time and trying to be a great mum full time is so stressful at the minute,  dealing with a lot of stress lately.  I feel like i havnt stopped in 2 weeks! I feel so tired, run down and fed up! To be honest I actually have not had any me time! I just don’t find no time at all, by the time I get up and get ready I’m then on my feet until around about 6 o’clock when I get back from uni or work, then I just want to have some food and go to bed with my little boy… 

But I have decided to take some time out and get some times back on track I need to really focus on my studies and my little boy! I think I’m definitely going to organise some days out for my little boy and myself, maybe get myself booked into a spa.

So anyone who’s at uni or going to uni… I know you are all stressed and things are playing on your mind but just do one thing at once. Relax your mind with a hot candle lit bath and breathe! And anyone who is a full time mum and works hands up to you, your doing great let no one tell you different. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post xo

Itsagirlsdream xx

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