October Goals

Hello October you are my favourite month!

So this October is going to be really busy for me! I really need to get my organising skills back on track, going to uni full time, working part time and being a full time mum and planing my blog posts is very hard at the moment, but I’m going to get back on track and get some blogging done this month! Make time for family time- lately I have been so busy I havnt actually spent some quality time with my little boy I feel like I have left him behind but this month I am going to plan some trips out.

  1. Get my car sorted- so recently I have just got my car on the road but I havnt driven in 18 month and feel like a learner again! I need to practice and practice a little more.
  2. Get my camera out and take some more blog photos I feel like my bedroom is the only place I take photos but since I have my car on the go I will be going different locations for my photo shoots
  3. Add a few cold weather staples to my wardrobe 
  4. Bake some yummy cupcakes 
  5. Get through my 21st which I have nothing planned and it’s only in a week and half away! I might is spend the day with my little boy and watch some old Disney films.
  6. Clean the house top to bottom it needs de cluttering they is just too many toys in my living room!

What’s one thing your working towards this month? 

18 thoughts on “October Goals”

  1. Im currently in the process of learning to drive so I totally get how you feel but practice makes perfect and each mistake you make you can learn from! These sound like great goals and I wish you luck for all of them! xx

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  2. I have started to make my goal list for October. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with my goals because I always think of goals as huge things that take months to achieve. I love your list and definitely want to add some similar things to my list definitely the decluttering lol

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  3. These are super goals 👍🏼 good luck to you with them and happy early birthday! I just turned 21 this past Tuesday (the third) and had a blast at dinner with my boyfriend. My main goal for October is to smoothly transition my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter clothes. I just brought bins full from my parents’ house and now I have to switch everything around 🙈

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