The new iPhone 8 plus

So let’s talk about the iPhone 8 plus so recently Apple launched their new phones the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and the iPhone X! So every year without doubt I always upgrade my iPhone but last year as I had a new born baby I decided to keep my iPhone 6s and I bought other things for my little boy instead of upgrading. However this year I was debating getting a new dlsr camera or a new phone and obvz I picked a new phone who wouldn’t! I know people are looking at the new iPhone price like 799 pounds is a lot of money but I refuse to pay contract prices! I mean they want 63 pounds a month for iPhone 8 plus I save all year round to be able to paid the phone out right it’s so much easier. So let’s talk about the iPhone 8 plus camera it’s amazing and I can’t believe how good the camera is! I’m so glad I picked this phone or a dslr camera it’s far better, below I will show some photos I have taken in the last 34 hours of me having the phone.

I hope you like this post, and sorry I havnt been posting in a while I have just started UNI and I need to organise my planner a little more 

Itsagirlsdream xo

12 thoughts on “The new iPhone 8 plus”

  1. I have been thinking about upgrading my iphone for this exact reason. I have friends with 7s and the picture quality is crazy good compared to mine. I have a DSRL but dont think its that great and am torn between upgrading my lens or getting an iphone instead.

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    1. Defo recommend this phone the quality is amazing I have the iPhone 6s for long enough and my sister got the iPhone 7 Plus and that camera is just as good as mine but the new iPhone has more settings for us bloggers x


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