How To Spend A Prefect Night In

After arriving home after a long day, you immediately set down your things, remove the monstrosities that are your bra and business pants, and relocate to the comfiest spot in your home.

Sure everyone will have a list of jobs to do when they finish work, but now it’s knocking on 7pm and your bed is calling you.

So less of that these are a couple of ways to spice up a night in.


ORGANISE your life: getting organised might feel like another job that will never end, so why don’t you try and shake it up a little bit and put some music on and sort you closet out, your drawers or your office desk. After you have accomplished this big task you will feel 10x times better.

PAMPER yourself: break out the sheet mask. Set aside an evening to do a full skin ,hair and nails, because you work hard you deserve a little self-care.

EVENING workout plan: S making a new evening workout is great I do 2 workouts a night on my new app called 8fit its great! it clears my head and mind.

CALL your love ones: I love ringing or messaging my mates on a night time! I can also ring my grandma or cousin and we will be on the phone for hours. I always feel so much better after talking to my relatives.

How do you spend your evening or a cost night in?



9 thoughts on “How To Spend A Prefect Night In”

  1. Ever since moving out, I’ve found it difficult to find time (with busy conflicting schedules too) to stay in touch with ALL my family, but sometimes when everything lines up I like to call them and talk on the phone for a while! It’s a great way to catch up and feel connected (:

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