Ways To Build Self Confidence

Building self confidence is a topic I feel passionate about. I spent most of life growing up feeling super self-conscious of what people thought about me. Still till this day I struggle with my self-esteem, but over time I have learnt some handful tricks to help me become more confidence and happy with myself.



  • Dress up and take selfies – I know it may seem abit silly like, but whenever I feel super cute I like to put together an really amazing outfit that makes me feel beautiful and take time with my makeup and snap some selfies. I feel taking some cute photos of yourself is a quick way to make you feel beautiful about yourself.
  • Getting your hair done – Every time I either get my hair cut or a change of colour I instantly feel more confident in myself.
  • Do something awesome for someone else – Doing something good for someone else just makes me feel good about myself. Even the small things that matters, like holding a door for someone, this will boost your self esteem and happiness.
  • List your Qualities- when your feeling low-self esteem, you should list all the good things about yourself. Think positive thoughts about yourself.
  • SMILE- trust me! it works. cracking a smile sends a message to your brain telling us we are happy! so make eye contact with everyone you meet and flash them a smile.
  • Exercise and eat healthy – Taking care of your body is instantly going to make you feel more proud of yourself.
  • Treat yourself- treating yourself to something really nice such as new clothes, new beauty products, new pair of shoes, ect. Make sure its something you enjoy because you deserve it.
  • Surround yourself with happy people- being around positive and happy people is like having a ray of sunshine in your life, uplifting attitude will make you a happier person.
  • Do what makes you happy!- nothing better than uplifting and inspiring your life to what you really want to do, happiness makes anyones day a better life to live in.


Have you ever dealt with low self-esteem? How do you build your own confidence?

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