September Goals

Hello Friday! I can’t believe it’s September already, this year is flying by right before my eyes. But lets face another fact this month has gone incredibly quick I can’t believe I start uni in just over 2 weeks. So whilst I’m  trying to keep up my motivation and positive mood I thought I would share my goals today.


  1. Grow my Instagram- so lately my blog pictures havn’t seen my Instagram page in a while, I havnt had much time on my hands, but this month i’m going to put my mind in the gam and grow my Instagram page.
  2. Create a better routine due going to uni- so lately I haven’t been organised but I’m going to put 99.9% off my time to make a new routine up and get my blog back into gear.
  3. Have earlier nights- these late nights are making me more tired I think I would have a longer sleep if I went to bed late but it’s work like that I keep waking up at 6am every morning before my child does and i’m going to bed at like 11pm so I’m going to tired get my act together and go to bed before 10pm.
  4. Stay Positive- a healthier mind = a happier outlook in life. I’m so determined to keep this going and push through everything with a smile.
  5. Stop comparing myself- so confidence hasn’t been my strong point in life and it’s so hard to compare yourself to these amazing bloggers out there, their photography, their writing skills are beyond me. I’ve noticed that the blogging scene is so much more popular now it can be difficult putting your content out their without having not been heard! but I aint letting everything get me down, so this month I’m going to push myself up.


So these are my goals for September hope you’ve enjoyed thank you for reading x

Itsagirlsdream xo

10 thoughts on “September Goals”

  1. I tend to compare myself to others a lot, even tho i know it’s super unhealthy. I hope to achieve that goal too, and i hope you’ll be able to achieve it! Btw your blog is amazing, i love what you post!

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  2. What? No need to ever feel less confident. Your blog content is authentic and inspiring of a real woman with love and family. Just blog without attachment to the outcome. Your content is so good. Download Grammarly for editing and writing. It automatically fixes any editing issues like semicolon, commas and vocabulary. xx

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