5 Must-Have Summer Lipstick Shades

Ahh lipstick, you pull the perfect makeup look with a little colour to the lips, especially during the summer time. I wanted to mix up my lip shades ever so slightly with the change in season. So what are the five must have shades in everyone’s makeup kit? coral, pink and nude. Simple and easy. I have found some beautiful lipsticks this summer that will roll into winters lipstick collection too.



Nine times out of ten I will be wearing either the too faced in shade feelin’ myself. I bought this product on one of days where your feeling the pay day feeling, but ever since I bought this lipstick it’s been must go-too. Too faced is one of my favourite makeup lines. I’ve been using their eyeshadow palette for more than a year now, and non of their products never fail me. This is a beautiful matte lip-gloss a great coral/pinky look.


So when MUA when they lunched their products the first time in Superdrug and heard so many good reviews, I had purchased two of their lipsticks, But the first one ill talk about is their MUA LUXE whipped velvet this is a bright pink lipstick in the shade RITZY is so soft and pretty. It’s also has a great lasting power.


So I couldn’t decide on one lipstick to show you so I showed all three, first one is MUA Lipstick in shade 11 at only £1 but it’s great pigment. My next one is amazing and is always in my handbag and it’s the Jeffree Star in the shade celebrity skin!! OMG this lipstick is on everyone wish list and it’s so hard to get hold off! and I have it and I’m loving it… and lastly the MAC velvet teddy its the simple nude colour that goes with everything and every makeup look! it suits all skin tones.


What have been your must-have lipsticks this summer?

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