Tips for Self-Care After Having a Baby

Hey guys me again, I have been asked to post a blog about self-care after having a baby by IngridMadisonAve so here we go, I just want to share a few of thoughts today for any new or expectant mummys and if you’re already a mum, please share your own experience!



Before having a baby:

Workout: my biggest regret about being pregnant was not working out. I gained some weight that I wished I didn’t. But in the last couple of weeks in my pregnancy I had been taking long walks daily I felt horribly uncomfortable for doing it.

Get your nails done: Before having a baby I loved getting my nails done all the time but after having a baby I have not been to the nail salon since.

Eating: So I tried hard not to use the excuse everyone uses in their pregnancy (eating for two) but I did eat so much in my pregnancy and nothing was healthy at all.

Having a clean house: No matter how strong your nesting instinct is, let’s face it no one likes a dirty house! I cleaned everyday I was so bored, being on mat leave and having nothing to do at all I did was clean and washed my bedding like three times a week because I love the smell of fresh bedding.

So After having a baby.

Accept any and all help: I was so tired for the first week of giving birth so my mum and sister and my boyfriend helped a lot in the first week or so. It was great I’m not sleeper as it is I only sleep between 6-8 hours a night but having a afternoon nap was amazing!

Simplify your makeup routine: Even though I sometimes don’t venture too far from my house, I still wear makeup 95% of the time. To be honest my little boy can sat in his cot watching me do my makeup for at least 30-45 mins he loves watching me and laughs when I apply any makeup onto my face.

Time for yourself: As my little boy goes to bed every night between 7/7:30, I run myself a bath, use a bath bomb, put a face mask on and read blogs and comment on blogs whilst I’m in the bath this can take up to a hour. After doing this I do a mini facial and watch some television before hitting the pillow. I might only get 2/3 hours a day of me time but at least I have relax and I ain’t running around the house chasing my little boy.

Mummy’s, what would you add to this list? I can’t wait to hear!

Thanks for reading

Itsagirlsdream xo

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