The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review

So how is the face mask, well the Lemon tea tree and the community trade tea tree oil that helps fights blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.facemask

So lets me tell you abit about my skin type, so I have oily, sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. With this mask, the idea was to help my skin and clear my skin at the same time… I have breakouts all the time it could be a new makeup brush or a new foundation, washing my face with a new product… anything and it’s so annoying because all my friends have glowing skin and I have really bad skin. From the age of being 15-18 I have lovely glowing skin never had breakouts maybe a spot once a blue moon until I fell pregnant and my skin became really bad and reaction to anything and everything.

So less talk about my skin type ans my skin problems, lets get on with my experience with the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask this product is amazing it has everything I want from a face mask in one tub. The tea tree oil in the mask works on the redness, inflammation and the pimples. What I love about this product is that if you dab it on an emerging pimple, it takes away the pain!

So I have been using this product for about a month now once a week I will put a face mask on and do a massive facial. However  I have also been using the tea tree cleaner and toner from the body shop and I will do a before and after photo within my 1st week of using it, as Ive only recently bought these products on Thursday and it’s already made my skin look so much better I would like to show you my experience with bad skin and what I think works and doesn’t work and write my review on my two favourite skin care products.


So lately I would like to share my pros and cons on this face mask-


  1. It is effective, Its quick for an emerging pimples.
  2. It is a smooth in texture and goes on agreeably to the face.
  3. it cools the skin and soothes it.
  4. it cleans the skin out nicely.


  1. Not as easy to come off.
  2. harsh-sounding chemicals.

Thank you for reading itsagirlsdream xox

19 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Review”

      1. yep, ask your GP or dermatologist; it’s pretty harsh (so only at night and only if your skin needs it) but I swear it makes such a visible difference. This may seem random, but I’m in the middle of writing a massive Oily Skin Essentials post: do you have any recommendations? I’m already planning to pick this up! x


  1. I’ve just bought this. I can’t wait to try it. I have such horrible spotty skin most of the time but have been using other tea tree products that body shop do and there really working. So fingers crossed xx


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