Goals For The Rest Of The Year

I love this photo, don’t you? It really shows the summer vibe.


With that in mind, let’s go set some goals for the next six-ish months shall we?

Work On ‘THE BLOG’

So I’m working on my fashion blog and lifestyle, as i’m posting a lot beauty posts recently, but i’m lovely all these new make-up products that are appearing. So for the next couple of weeks my focus is buying new clothes and updating my wardrobe… So im really excited for this!


Work on ‘ME’

So I’ve havn’t had any me time recently, But it’s been a tough year, having a newborn (who recently has just gone the BIG ONE), going back to work last October and then starting Uni in September. So I’m really going start sorting myself out a little bit and focus on me and my little sons future.

Plan on a getaway.

Speaking of getaways, so far i’ve only visited filey this year but in the next week i will be going to see my grandma for a week in hornsea. I want to plan a holiday aboard for my little lad, so we can explore new places and making more memories.


See you soon, thank you all your support lately, i know it probably sounds like i don’t appreciate it, but i really do xx


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