Things I Want To Remember About Being A mother To An Infant


A list of little things i want to remember about becoming a mother to a little boy, my tiny little boy, my sleepyhead, my 11 month old, little baby Myles.


  • The way you learn new things each day, you surprise me.
  • How you put your hands over your ears when you hear something you dont like.
  • How you fall asleep in my arms when you tired.
  • Your smile, that starts on one side of your mouth, moves to the other and ends up as a wink of one-eye.
  • Your little hand that always wraps around my finger when your falling asleep.
  • The little laughs you do when your asleep.
  • How you look to tuck yourself into me and fall asleep when you’re done eating.
  • How you fall asleep straight away when your in mummy’s bed.



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