Spring Lipsticks


Hello my beautiful girls!! How are you today??? These are my spring lipsticks obsession and i love to use different ones each day. Since the weather is changing and getting warmer, our lipstick preferences change too and i like to switch things up and use more neutral  shades and pinks.

Spring is here so pinks are out!!! So today i have five affordable options to wear these lovely spring days.


Kylie Jenner|CANDY K – I Purcahsed this lipstick due to everyone raving on how good this lipstick is, and this colour of lipstick is something i wanted! This is a warm pinky nude colour and gives you a bold matte look! Really love this lipstick!

Jeffree Star|REDRUM – This is a cool matte toned red! Also another lipstick everyone raving about, just thought i would purchase!, this lipstick lasts longer than i expected! I do not need to re-apply during the day unless im drinking lots of teas.

Jeffree Star|CELEBRITY SKIN – This soft brown nude with a peachy undertone is something i love and goes well with my skin tone! It’s a bit sticky when applied but gives you a lovely matte look after seconds. It goes with any make-up style i love this product and will defo re-purchase after its all gone!

Mac | HEROINE– This is a spring lipstick must have, I have had this lipstick for two years now ans it’s always makes appearance in spring! i would say this is a bright purple lipstick and is very matte look! It’s very pigmented, Mac lipsticks is something i love.

Mac|SNOB – mac products is something everyone has and raves about, I have loads of mac lipstick’s and i only have two that i love and use daily. I only use mac lipsticks as the other products are not something i like. This pinky coloured lipstick with a creamy formula gives your lips life in these summer days. 



Starting from left to right: we have the Kylie Jenner – Candy K, Jeffree Star- Redrum, Jeffree Star – Celebrity Skin, Mac- Heroine and Mac Snob.

So these are my spring lipsticks i have picked! what are your favourite shades to wear this season?

I hope everyone is having a lovely day and i will see you soon.


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