How I Deal with my stress level

Here’s the thing though: I don’t know about you, but hardly any of the advice i read on the internet about managing stress turns out to be useful to me. In fact, almost every time i see an article on this topic, I’ll click on the link, feeling like something hopefully i will find out how to dial down my stress level.

  1. Take a hot bath
  2. Go for a long walk- Now, this is all well and good, and I;m guessing the advice must work some people, or it wouldn’t be repeated so damn often.
  3. Read a book- Because when that deadline’s looming, you totally have time to sit down and get lost into a book, don’t you?

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So recently I’ve been really busy, it feels like i haven’t had a single second to myself. Now being a full time mum and working part-time, obviously, and I’d much rather  have too much going on and than being doing nothing at all.

So most of the time i don;t have time to lie around in hot bath, so what’s a girl to do when she’s stressed out of her mind, and n amount of scnted candles will help? Er, i dunno, really.  So here’s what i do when I’m super-stressed, but short on time…

  1. Clean the house- yeah, i know what you’re thinking, how do i have the time to clean the house but not have a bath? because baths an books are optional: clean houses are not, for me. If my house is messy, I’ll be stressed even if i DON’T have anything else to worry about.
  2. Make a list- Once the house is clean, my next step is to make a list of everything i have to do, and when i have to do it.
  3. Make a plan- I need to know exactly when things are happening, what I’m expected to do and that there will be no last minute changes to any of this.
  4. ask for help- I know this should be obvious, but I’m terrible at asking for help: i just try to muddle along, doing everything by myself, when the reality is that there are plenty of people who i know more willing to lend a hand, I’ll work on this one…

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