10 Things I Love About Sunday

Hello, I thought i would share a post about what im loving about S18516020_827656820743207_626154084_nunday!


  1.  I want to try this recipe for breakfast almond oat banana crepes from Pinch of Yum.
  2. Ever fallen in love with a bag? well i have today.
  3. A cocktail recipe i cant wait to try out on my new healthy diet.
  4.  Diy plant pots, Perfect for the spring!
  5. This jumper looks so comfy, Perfect for spring on these random chilly nights.
  6.  The most amazing swimsuit ever! i can’t wait for an excuse to wear it!
  7.  My Favourite Shop! can’t wait to get this lamp for my bedroom.
  8. Looking at cute baby clothes? love these funky leggings.
  9. Still obsessed with the new unicorn highlighter! i need in my life!
  10. OMG this nail polish is perfect!

Happy Sunday! morts xo


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