April Goals & March Revisited

March was quite a good month. I caught up with my best friend, had some good things happening at work, and Spring started which brought the beautiful blossoms and longer days. It is so nice to get out of work while it’s still daylight. Looking forward to the warmer weather now.

Meanwhile, it’s time to do a little March recap and set some new goals for the Month April. Hope you all have a lovely month!


March Recap

Cut back on the sugar– well i can’t decide if i actually accomplished this goal or not. i managed 2 weeks of eating less sugary things but then i had 3 days of eating total rubbish.

Keep my workout routine going– Something i did work on was keeping my workout going all month! whoop

Get some style post back up and running– Technically. I did’t do this in March, but i will trying get this done in April as i want to share my new fashion style to you lot. Featuring this month will be a week worth of mummy and sons closet.

Rearrange my bedroom and it get a refresh for the season- i can’t say i have finished this but i start it, i guess it’s better than nothing, right? Since it’s spring i will go out and buy myself some flowers to make my days a little brighter.

Learn to switch off– Writing a preview blog post about this, i have achieved this goal! I’ve been having longer sleeps and waking up feel fresher than ever. But i will let you know this didn’t work every night!

April Goals

Declutter my bedroom- I need to go through my stuff and get rid of everything i no longer want or need. Clothes i haven’t worn in years, make up bits that need to be thrown away. I have a few days off this month so Spring cleaning is top of my list.

Go to Gym three times a week– i make excuses not to go to the gym lately, so this month i am going to gym at least three times a week!

Practice more self-care– After i realised i don’t put much practice as much as i would like to do this month i want to focus on me. I want to buy myself some flowers, have a couple of pamper sessions and try a new recipe.

Declutter my Instagram– Can you tell April would be the declutter month for me? i want to make my Instagram account for my son and his photographs as he now a rep for three online baby clothes brands.

Grow my audience– It is in progress, but i don’t have enough time yet to allot to it.

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