March Goals&February Revisited

Wow, this year is just moving right along! I’m ready to take on March with full reset! February was fun. My body feels like it’s been burning loads of calories these past few weeks, this has definitely helping me get closer to my bikini body, which was my goal for last month.

February Goals Recap:

  1. Go Bowling – This is has not been achieved this month as i have loads planned this month!
  2. Learning about blogging and the social media marketing- Achieved i have taken two online courses this month.
  3. Get myself in a routine- Achieved, this month i have got myself into a routine and finding myself some me time.
  4. Eat less, move more- Achieved i have got rid of my habit of snacking all the time and cooked myself three decide meal throughout the day! i have also choose more healthier snacks.
  5. Keep Saving – Achieved! i have saved £300 this month!



March Goals

  1. Cut back on the sugar- It’s time for a major from the sugar over here. This is going to be tough because i literally crave sweet things.
  2. Keep my workout routine going- Working out definitely sore a improvement this month i spent most nights at the gym working out.
  3. Get some Style Posts Back up and running- I’m looking forward to getting new style content up as soon as possible. In this, I’m also hoping to collaborate with some great clothing brands.
  4. Rearrange my bedroom and it get it a refresh for the season
  5. Learn ti switch off- i swear I’m on Instagram from like 7am till 11pm and I’m sure it’s no good for my health. I’ve learnt to put my phone down after pm but some hoe I’m still scroll through Instagram until stupid o’clock on my laptop.



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