February Goals&January Revisited

Wow! This year is really moving fast! we are now in our second month of 2017. So to start February off i will “TRY” and set myself some monthly goals and recap my January goals as well. Every month i do these, and it’s always fun to look back and see what actually happened and what i didn’t actually achieve.

So let’s revisit January and see how i did and then on to a new set of goals to try to achieve this month.


  1. Excerises – ACHIEVED! I have signed up to my local gym and i go three times a week with my partner, we do weights and cardio!
  2. Eating healthy-ACHIEVED! Every morning i start with a bowl of cereal with fruit, i have egg whites and carrot sticks or a bowl of pasta for dinner, and for tea i was eat whatever i like, but i avoid greasy foods unless if its a Saturday night that’s my treat day.
  3. Book a Holiday- So tonight me, my mum and sister’s want to book a holiday next year for Amsterdam which sounds really exciting, just got wait until April until we can actually book it officially so this would be UNACHIEVED. However I have booked a week away with my family to go to Skipsea (ACHIEVED goal).
  4.  Blogging Targets- SORT OF ACHIEVED- As i have gone back to work and still have to look after my little boy through the week i find it hard to write my blogs and post them, i will get back on track when all these birthday’s and event’s are out of the way in a couple of weeks time.
  5. Meal plans- UNACHIEVED- As I do my meal plan on a evening you just don’t get the right lighting to be able to get any good pictures of your meal prep so this is something i will focus onto February but try and do at least one through out the month.




  1. Go bowling with my partner- i know he loves bowling so i want to take him bowling one evening this month.
  2. Learn about blogging and the social media marketing- I’m going to be researching a lot about this as blogging is something i enjoy doing as it helps me express myself! and social media is something I’m working on but  i heard you can take courses online doing this, so this something i will into.
  3.  Get myself into a routine! Being a Full-time Mum Monday to Friday as my partner work through the week  and then I working on weekends, i always find myself having no structure, and i always get distracted and go and do something else.
  4. Eat less, move more- I definitely did a good job at moving more this month and got to the gym more than 15 times, but these snacks of mine because I’m so use to full meals all the time, but now I’m trying to eat healthier all the left over chocolates from Christmas have been my snacks through out the day. So this month I’m determined to make more healthier snack choices.
  5.  Keep saving- My goal this month was to have £200 saved up! Well I’ve saved over that amount so that was achieved. But this month i want to saved at-least £500 if more, these holidays and days out we want to go on don’t pay for themselves.
  6. Meal Prepping- I will focus on doing on meal prep a month and show you guys how to get health throughot a 4 day period and what is good for you and what isn’t if you are on a healthy diet.


How has your month been? Do you have any goals for february? please share.

7 thoughts on “February Goals&January Revisited”

  1. You’ve made plenty of your goals! That’s great to see, congrats! I’ve been very busy this month, getting back into school. It’s my last semester as an undergraduate student! So there’s lots of things for me to worry about, grad school, senior project, classes… But I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

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