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Shop Our Closet// Weekly Outfits, Mummy&Son

Well, look what we have here, i thought i might spice up my blog with a mummy and son post, as i don’t speak much about my son on my blog, i thought i would show you all my beautiful son who is now nearly 7 months old.


What I Am Wearing– jacket from Zara (love this jacket it is so warm but so hard to get hold of in this colour), my grey top is from new look(really comfy and true to size) and jeans are from topshop (also true to size love Topsop jeans) and shoes from new-look.

What My Son Is Wearing– Zara leggings(so soft wearing 6-9 months), river island mini grey top and a hat from Zara also.


What I Am Wearing– Coat New-Look, Jeans from New-Look( true to size for me), Top from New Look (wearing in size 10) and shoes from New look.

What My Son Is Wearing– Jeans from Next (i love next baby clothes are so beautiful i want to buy the whole shop whilst i’m in there) shirt from next, hat from H&M and the Adidas la’s are from JD (wearing in size 3).


What I Am Wearing– Top from New-Look, Jeans From Newlook and shoes from Newlook as we can see i love new look as its the only shop that i can fit clothes that fit perfectly on me they are true to their sizes.

What My Son Is Wearing– Jeans Riverisland (my favourite pair jeans i have ever bought for him! wash great! Love them!)and His jacket is from the Disney Store (Mickey Mouse hoody).



What I Am Wearing– My Jumper and top are from New-look ( these two pieces of clothing are super soft and the jumper keeps you amazingly warm!) and jeans from Topshop (truw to size) , Shoes are from New look.

What My Son Is Wearing-Top from riverisland (i love this top its super cute with all the badges on true to size) and jeans from next (these are amazing wearing in 6-9 months)



What I Am Wearing– Polo neck top from NewLook (true to size) and jeans from NewLook (also true to size).

What My Son Is Wearing– Grey top from Riverisland (as hes already wore this once through out the week but i defos love this top on a colds winters morning) and black jeans from zara (love Zara pants they wash great).


What I Am Wearing– Grey polo neck from New Look (once again its back this top keeps you super warm on these cold mornings) , Jeans from Riverisland (not a big fa of Riverisland jeans but they are true to fit, i am wearing size 10 here).

What My Son Is Wearing– Mickey Mouse Top From Disney (I love Disney, when i son was first born he was dressed in Disney clothes everyday but as he’s getting bigger he doesn’t look as cute anymore in them but a few Disney bits doesn’t harm), Leggings From Zara (previous outfit shoes these leggings better) .



So here we have a lazy day (sunday) me and my little boy did nothing all day so we stayed in our pjs.

What i am Wearing– My christmas PJS from Primark and my unicorn Slippers from also primark.

What My Son Is Wearing– His Sleepsuit From Boots.

Thank you for reading xx

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