December Goals

As I referred back to my last months goals, I noticed that before getting into my goals that I have shared how messy the previous month was. I have learned a lot and can’t wait for 2017 to get here! Fresh start can happen every new day, but there’s something special and encouraging about knowing we have a new year ahead of us.


Hit 4,500 followers on Instagram// SUCCESS! I can say over the past month or so, I have really started to get a hang on what I want my Instagram to look like. I am more proud of myself that I hit my goal as I completed it 100% of my own.

Get style posts back up and running// unsuccess! Due to my son I have the pictures ready on my phone to upload a blog post but I haven’t as yet planned my post and I haven’t thought on what I should write on the post yet this is something im definitely going to achieve in December.

Get all my Christmas shopping done//SUCCESS! I have finally finished Christmas shopping whoop!

Holiday cards and photo// SUCCESS! I took our newborn for a Christmas photo shoot and I’ve used the picture for Christmas cards for the family.

Have a self-care night twice// ACCOMPLISHED! I love facials, long soaks and having a foot spa I do this every other night now! It’s great to have some me time on a night.


Planning for next year// over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of some long-term and short-term goals and things I would like to accomplish. 

Redesign my blog// this was an unsaid goal of mine for last month, but with some unexpected expenses, I wasn’t able to. I’m hoping that a redesign will help me get a new and fresh focus and passion for my blog and all the future possibilities I can have through it.


Come up with a new 2017 exercise plan// I love to exercise, but honestly… the motivation to exercise just hasn’t been there for me all year.

Reflect and relax// while the holidays are about joy and love, they also tend to bring out stress and busyness. I want to make take this month to reflect on this year and to relax in the comfort gods always extending to me.

Date nights// with me and my partner and I being busy and with money with tight due to Christmas, it’s not always easy to figure out date nights. But date nights have to be necessity! Here’s to being intentional and setting date nights no matter what. Do you have some cheap or free date night ideas.

What are you goals you have for the month of December? What’s one personal goals that you’re really wanting to zone in on? Here’s to finished out the year strong! 

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