Positive changes I’ve made in blogging this year 

It’s time for me to get a little bit reflective! I put it down to be November!

Monthly goals

One of the trickiest things about my situation last year was that I had no one to help me with my goals! I was starting to get paranoid seeing other achieveinh their goals each month. After all having goals set in place each month makes you want to achieve them.

When you spend too much time on your own, it makes you feel like you haven’t achieve anything! So it’s always best if you meet up with trusted buddies and going over your goals and what you would like to achieve each month!

Sorting out my style

Creating your own style isn’t about dewelling on what you don’t have but recognising what you do and I’d definitely recommend it if your feeling stuck. I realised that I actually have quite a cool point of view and my aim is create the kind of content that I’d like to read. The kind that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself, but that actually motivates you to try something new or wear something you’ve forgotten about.

Are you ready to reflect on the year and make some last-minute changes? Blogging and freelancing in general can be a bit crazy experience, it seems like sometimes you’ll have so many things to manage and it seem impossible to do everything but somehow you cope. I can still struggle with the things that are out of my control, such as trying to grow a following when certain algorithms are against you. Most of what I’ve done has been based on a gut feeling. How’s that for your career? 

13 thoughts on “Positive changes I’ve made in blogging this year ”

  1. I can’t tell you how stressed and overwhelmed I’ve been feeling lately. Like I’ve been so behind on everything!! Blogging, reading, blog hopping, etc. But I agree with you that setting goals for yourself definitely helps. A few months back, I set myself a goal list and it made me work harder to achieve those goals. So, I think it’s time to sit down and write out everything that needs to be done! There’s just so, so much!!

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