Monday Morning

  • Have your outfit and makeup ready for when you get up.i prepare what I’m wearing for the next day and lay it out next to the bed. I keep the makeup that I’m wearing in a makeup bag so no makeup magically disappear.
  • Prepare your food the day before. Another thing that I like doing is make the meals that I’m bringing to work the day before. I usually make my lunch and then bring 2 other snacks such as breakfast bars and fruit.
  • Put on some music on. This makes my mornings so much easier and get me in a better mood. 
  • Don’t check social media, I always wake up and the first thing I do is look on my phone. While on your phone in the morning in and of itself isn’t the best idea, sometimes you just need to check your messages or emails, from now on every morning I will text my other hand a good morning.
  • Make your bed it might not always brighten your morning asap, but you’ll thank yourself later on. Your room will automatically looks at least a little bit cleaner!
  • Listen to a morning playlist, play this while you’re getting ready! I like to make new playlist with each season so the songs are up to date. I also pick my favourite songs and the calm, softer morning songs.

What are your favourite ways to brighten a Monday morning?


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