November Goals

November goals blog and personal goals:

Blog goals:

Hit 4,500 followers on Instagram// while this may still be a huge goal, I am hoping to finally have the money to invest into an Instagram “course”. There have been tons of bloggers out where who’ve experienced genuine from investing into this course, so I’m really interested in giving it a try. If I can get to purchase it, I hope that I can quickly implement what it teaches so that I can start to grow to where I should be. If you like tea, encouragement, style and more!

Get style posts back up and running// I have been loving being able to share my style with you all and according to the comments I have been receiving on my style posts, it’s looks like you’re enjoying it too! My goal is to have one week. I’m hoping to get a few different shoots this month so I have nothing to worry about.

Personal goals:

Get all my Christmas shopping done// I want to be done all of my shopping before Black Friday! I am actually not a fan of Black Friday it’s crazy! 

Holiday cards and photo// I really want to start up a yearly holiday cards for my other half and I. While I think they’re kind of silly to do when we have a newborn.

Have a self-care night twice// while self-care is something I weave into my regular life, I want to be more intentional on setting more dedicated time aside. I haven’t had a bath with a bath bomb in months! This is a must this month!

What are your goals this month? Do you share the same? I’d love to hear what you’re focusing on! Let’s chat! 

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