Seven Weird Things That Happen As You Get Older

I feel there should be a guidebook given out to all teenagers entitled “WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR TWENTIES”. In this chapter called “WEIRD STUFF TO EXPECT” because weird stuff does happen as you get older, you suddenly change and this realisation hit me last night when I was eating dinner, this is because I’ve recently turned 20! And I had a beautiful little boy recently. So I thought I would write a post, cause one: it might make you feel less weird too, if your a teen you can read this and prepare yourself for you weird twenties.

  1. You now eat stuff you use to hate: I use to hate mince pies? Pass them over to me I’m quite a big fan of them now, when I was younger I thought real meat mince was inside it and no one could make me eat them! You suddenly find yourself liking these foods and wondering why you make such a big fuss when you was younger.
  2. Your Christmas list is boring: I used to make my Christmas list by taking a felt pen and circling all the toys I wanted in the Argos catalogue and hand it over to my mum and dad! These days I don’t get that I hint to my parents what I would like and always end up getting towels, candles, perfume or underwear.
  3. You notice weird stuff: ever since I’ve had my child, I’ve noticed how hard it is to keep a clean house and to look after my child and give him all the attention he needs!
  4. You can never get too much sleep: I am always tired, being an adult is constantly being tired, if you’re young right now, nap and sleep as much as you can. You not believe the joy that an afternoon nap will bring you as an adult or as a young mother! Well I must say my little boy is nearly 4 months and had been sleeping through since he was 1/2 months old.
  5. You will say stuff your parents say: let’s be honest, how many times growing up did you roll your eyes at your parents when they say” you’ll catch a cold wearing that” you need a proper coat! You won’t be able to walk in them shoes, who’s left the door open, who left the light on, I could go on, but you will find yourself saying this kinda thing all the time.
  6. Nothing excites you more than a new bath bomb: a bath is no longer than a long relax when you have a baby, as you get older you find yourself putting your child to bed and getting excitied for a long relaxing bath. Walking around a good bath bomb shop such as LUSH is like walking around toys r us as a child.
  7. Your TV habits change: I cannot deal with cartoons or any teen dramas anymore. But as you get older you will love nothing more than a good funny TV program such as friends.

11 thoughts on “Seven Weird Things That Happen As You Get Older

  1. #2 LOL its so true! literally my list is like household items or flat out cash, please and thanks! ha
    and #4, YUPPP sleep in my best friend- I feel like at any point in the day I could just sleep the day away, but sadly im prohibited with adult life things *cough full time job*….

    great post and happy belated!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I agree with the you will start saying things your parents used to say! I do it all the time, I actually think I’ve turned into my mum as I’m getting older it’s getting worse! X

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