Lovin lately: Lifestyle

Whenever someone sees a cute prop on my photos and asks me where I got, 90% of the time is the same: The range! Ah yes candles,my lastestobsession are  the yankee candles. The Christmas cookie, these candles come in beautiful jars and are very strong scent !

Recently I’ve been looking for some unicorn flatware for some time now, the main reason is really because I love unicorns!

I saw some people post on Instagram about hi smile teething whiting! If any person is stugging with there white smile then this teeth whiter is ace and it really works! It definitely helps me to be able to show off my white smile and make me feel less miserable.

And recently I love been loving ex on the beach this show is ace and I freaking love the drama that goes on in the villa!

What are some of your favourites at the moment?

1 thought on “Lovin lately: Lifestyle”

  1. Nice post and great picture. I love Yankee Candles. I nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. You don’t have to participate, I am showing my appreciation for your support.


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