Five things I do before I go to bed

  1. I clean up my mess- I like having a neat and clean bedroom at any time, and therefore I clean a little boy everyday. It has basically turned out to be a habit I don’t even notice while doing it. Before I go to bed I do the dishes, fix the pillows, food the blankets and so on… then when I wake up I can step into my bedroom and living room stress-free.
  2. I prepare the kettle- I’m addicted to tea in a morning, and I always fill the kettle up before I go to bed. Then I can then just push the button when I wake up and enjoy a hot cuppa.
  3. I choose an outfit for the next day- in my eyes, it’s much easier to get up and put the clothes on I have put out the night before. I always plan my outfits daily!
  4. I prepare my meals the night before- I plan what I’m having for breakfast, lunch and tea the night before I go to bed, this is because if I need to defrost anything I can let it defrost overnight.
  5. I schedule my plans for the next day- if you plan your day it will mostly likely turn out to be a little more smoother than if you didn’t. I like to schedule my day before I go to bed in my journal! 

What do you do before you go to bed? Please share 


11 thoughts on “Five things I do before I go to bed

  1. I use to be that organized now I am not. Before bed I do my washroom thing, read, do some writing. If my bed us messy I clean it off to make sure it is neat before I get in it. In terms of planning for the next day nothing is truly set in stone just having ideas helps me is that’s all. My morning routine is a little bit more structured in terms of wake and and what I do.

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