10 Prettiest Beauty Products

I’ve seen posts like these on other blogs and I gotta say I wanted to do one straight away. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy items with packaging / looks in mind – call me shallow. But usually if a beauty/skincare product has rave reviews and ace packaging, there’s very little to stop me from getting it. Call it the impulse shopaholic in me.


  1. MUA -Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder
    Iridescent Gold- This is a bright, white gold highlight. I always felt like I should shy away from golden highlighters, considering I am very pale. However, they have come to be one of my favourite shades. It can be a little intense if you’re heavy handed, which can be a bit of a shock if you’re not used to that kind of look, but it can be extremely beautiful. I also really love to use a disposable spoolie to scrape some of this powder out and mix it with my moisturizer for a subtle all over glow, or mixing into my foundation.
  2. Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash- If you close your eyes and concentrate really hard this has a vague resemblance to Love Heart sweets! However, the smell is really nice anyway!
  3. Starting with the Purity Mask, which is the light green mask and it’s designed to deeply purify and Mattie your skin. It contains Eucalyptus and smells really lovely, I’ve used it a couple of times now and I’ve noticed it really helps with blackheads and shine, it’s great at drawing out dirt and excess oil and makes my skin soft and smooth. So if you suffer with blocked pores and oily skin this is the one I’d recommend.

  4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss- If this lipstick was a man, I would marry it, accepting all its flaws and problems. I might sound a bit crazy, but I AM crazy for this product and its perfect shade – that I’ve been looking for for ages. Maybe it’s not pure perfection when it comes to performance, because it might fade in the middle and give you that unflattering 90s dark ages look, but who cares! I love it and should buy a lifelong supply of it.
  5. Kiko Lip gloss- The formula, a KIKO worldwide exclusive, is enriched with K Extra volume complex a pool of active ingredients in perfect synergy with one another and capable of carrying out three specific actions for targeted results in short and long term.
    1. Instant volume, visible hour after hour.
    2. Fullness and smoothness in time.
    3. Maximum moisture for the entire day.
    For longer- lasting results, apply the product 2-3 times a day for 30 days.
    My Opinion: The consistency is thick and a bit sticky. The color is peach with shimmer. The shimmer makes lips like wet. Totally odorless and tasteless
  6. Foundation Primer- Radiance by Laura Mercier- The silky formula smoothes over skin and provides an excellent base for foundation. As an added bonus the formula includes some antioxidants and non-fragrant plant oils that are helpful for normal to dry skin, but the antioxidants aren’t present in amounts worth getting excited about. Still, it’s nice to see them in a primer, as these products tend to omit helpful extras.
  7. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist – The Strawberry takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of sweet fruitiness. It’s irresistible.
  8. Temple Spa Quench – I’ve used a lot of Temple Spa products over the last few years and bought this after a facial at a local spa. I wanted something over the winter months to provide extra hydration as a boost or an overnight treatment. The product is in a jar and comes with a spatula for hygienic application. It is a light cream which sinks into the skin easily (doesn’t dry or crack like some masks) and smells of a lovely light rose fragrance. It’s ideal if your skin is tired and dull and really feels like a proper luxury spa treat.
  9. Owl Scented Candle – I love the smell of this candles, especially the vanilla one but they are too expensive to be anything more than a luxury. I’ve tried lots of others but they either dont have any scent or the scent doesn’t last.
  10. Benefit Hoola Bonzer – I  tend to have a couple of bronzers I use when I want a more defined, summer look and don’t really venture out much apart from those, that was until I got Hoola-ed! Hoola is probably one of Benefit’s most popular products – a universal shade of bronzer packaged neatly into a box with a little brush. The new boxes contain and mirror as well for on the go touch ups. I’ve always been a Hoola virgin but since getting it I’ve been using it almost daily.


Well I’ve just blabbed on a good while on these beautiful products, where the products don’t only look good but serve great purposes. What are some of your favorite products that also do a great job?


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