I Went To Lush

The other day my friend and I and my mum went to White Rose in Leeds. It’s not my favourite place on earth (the shops are great, but it gets far to crowded for my liking), but they have a Lush and thats all that I need! I hadn’t been to Lush for a while so of course I had to get a few bits.

The rest of the bits I got are bath bombs obvssss! The first one that caught my eye was the Pumpkin. It smells so orangey and zesty, it’s lovely! It’s the bright orange with glitter on it, did I mention it smells amazing?! The next one I got is an old fave, intergalactic. It smells so warming and cosy, and I thought with it coming up to Autumn, it would be the perfect relaxing & cosy scent!.
I plan on going back to Lush soon to pick up some of the Christmas products, so expect another post pretty soon!

What are your favourite products from lush?


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