Six Things I Am Doing This Autumn 

During the summer I made a really conscious effort to try and do new things. I find myself getting stuck in a rut all too often and frustrated with my day to day routine. So here are some of the new things that I’m trying to work into my routine for Autumn/Winter. 

Recently I’ve not been all that well and paired with 4-5 hours sleep it’s not been a good combination. So I’ve spent a lot of time inside trying to rest and get my energy levels back up. And even though I’m a total homebody and thrive from being in my own company. When I’m inside a little too much I find myself getting serious cabin fever and my productivity levels hit a serious low which isn’t great when you work for yourself. Luckily we’re only just getting into Autumn so we still have a little while left to enjoy the warmish weather. Those days make it much more desirable to get outside as when it’s grey and rainy it’s hard to build up the energy to leave the house. So I’ve made a little deal with myself to try and leave the house at least once a day to break up my routine a little more and have more days working from a coffee shop. 

For so long I’ve tried to make my relationship with running work but between chronic stomach pain and joint issues, it’s been difficult for it to even slightly work. In August I started to notice the cartilage in my knees was really hurting and it’s not something that’s eased up at all. So I think it’s finally time to give in and admit maybe running just isn’t for me. I’m looking forward to trying out different forms of exercise and seeing what else can work. I’ve always believed that if the form of exercise you’re doing isn’t something that makes you happy then it’s time for a change as it should be something that’s at least somewhat enjoyable.  

It felt like I was one of the last people in the world to get Instagram stories. Snapchat isn’t something that I ever thought I was interesting enough to use and generally didn’t see the appeal, I always thought it involved a lot of selfies which isn’t something I enjoy doing. But when I started watching other people’s stories it showed me that you can use the platform in many different ways and it pushed me to try it out. YouTube isn’t something that I’ve had the urge to start so IG Stories has been a really nice in-between for me to share little snippets of my day. 

Over the summer I got into such a good routine with my diet and I reduced my not so good for me sugar intake dramatically and the difference it made was pretty remarkable. When it comes food I’m a big advocate of balance and everything in moderation but right now I’m just eating a little bit too much sugar. 

Not too long ago I had my big annual beauty declutter and it highlighted just how much skincare I own and how much I need to use up before it goes off. My two biggest weaknesses are masks and cleansers. A lot of them only have a few uses left so they’ve been pulled to the front my collection to be used up. 

Something I’m absolutely terrible at doing is saving things for best and then never using them. I don’t live a fancy life where I go out for a dinner on a regular basis or go to luxe events so my best is my day to day life. And if I want to wear a really full-on makeup look to sit in front of my laptop all day and look after my child. I think this is something that we all struggle with and feel like to use our nice things than we must have a huge reason to do so but we don’t. Wanting to use them is reason enough. 
What new things are you doing this A/W?


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