September Goals

So hello September! September-December are my favourite months of the year, and I’m so happy this season has arrived! There’s an Autumn candle burning and I’ve had plenty of hot tea this morning. I think it’s safe to say I’m ready for this season.

Today I thought I would share my monthly goals this month.

Blog atleast 3 times a week – I was pretty good in July when I was on maternity leave from work but since I’ve had my little bundle of joy I find it hard to find time to prepare my blogs and write them out. But this month I have adjusted my schedule and I’m happy to say I have time in my schedule to write my blogs.

Put together my Autumn wardrobe – I’m so excited for fall fashion! I’ve already pulled my Autumn clothes out of storage and in working on a list of any additions that may need to be purchased!

Finish two good bath bombs – I have a project going on at the moment of bath bombs but I’m so close of getting them just right they still need work on them but hopefully I can finish the final product off this month!

Save! – so we all know the iPhone 7 gets released on the 16th September and my goal this month is to save 600 pounds to go and get the new apple product! At the moment I have an iPhone 6s but I get very bored of phones easily so a upgrade of phone won’t harm.

What are you September goals? Who else is ready for fall? I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “September Goals”

  1. my goal to finish reading the book quran and also to do prayers regularly that is my goal with doing some studying and yeah watching a movie and some shopping for eid coming up on 13 sep anyway i think your get bored from cell phones like my father he too gets bored easily but i get attached to things especially cell phones and other stuff i do not change unless some problem arises 🙂 and i can understand you must be quite busy with the baby to blog but anyway good luck 🙂

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