A Guide To Lazy Night In For One 

It’s very rare I get the evening to myself, ill either spend my time with Myles (my son) with friends or working on new blog posts. 

Realistically I’m not trying to tell you how to spend your evenings or even the correct way of relaxing; instead I wanted to share some insight as to how I unwind from a hectic day, and maybe give you all some inspiration if you’re at a loss when it comes to an evening by yourself.


Although not essential, comforting! Whether it be my pjs or just a comfortable clothing, I need to get out of my everyday clothing. In closer months you can gurantee I’ll be wearing my biggest hoodie and cosiest slippers, but now it’s getting a little warmer now, so I’ll crack out some comfy pjs shorts and sometimes a cuppa of tea isn’t always the answer! In fact during the summer months I enjoy a good evening to myself with one of these alcohol pops!


Just like many of you, my favourite thing to do once I’m home is remove my makeup. Another thing I’ve been really enjoying lately is giving my skin that extra Freshen up applying ultrabland to remove all the excess makeup before apply NUSKIN MUD MASK or TEMPLE SPA FACE MASK! Just to give my skin that fresh feeling, which works perfectly over the last couple of days in this heat!


Although right now it’s summer and it’s humid as hell, my favourite part of a movie night is my bed. Whether I’m sat on top of my sheets or snug in my covers, I love getting into my bed, scented candle and blessed!


You can’t beat an evening filled with movies, a good Disney movie doesn’t go miss! I love all Disney movies from lion king to Snow White! I always love cheesy chick flicks, such as 27 dresses!

Quiet evenings to myself either come once in a while or will happen for a week straight, either way I love the chance to switch off and sit and cry over my old favourite rom-coms. Monday’s have almost become my evenings in as my son is always on demand. Hope this post helping everyone who reads it and helps you in the future! Xoxo morts


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