Nuskin Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask Review

I have tried quite a few different brands and they each feel different on my face and all give me different results.

For £25, there is 200g of product in this tube. What I love most about this product apart from the results, is that the mud mask dries up so quickly and you do not have to apply a thick layer to your skin!

Pros about this product:

  • Goes a long way
  • Washes off easily, no peeling or cracked effect
  • Suitable for face and body 
  • Quick drying time, less than 2 minutes

Cons about this product:

  • Shake bottle before use, as it is very watery 
  • Stains clothes
  • Scent is abit strong 

If you have large pores and what to get rid of them, then I highly recommend this mud mask! This product gives your skin a clear finish.

This product gives you that feeling that it is working deep into your skin, after my first use of Thai product, I couldn’t stop touching my face, as the texture of my skin felt so soft and the redness on my skin had calm down a lot!

I would recommend this product to all males and females, it’s a great gift idea and a real bargain! 


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