Review: Temple Spa Purification Face Mask

So recently I went to a temple spa party, where basically someone who works for the company comes round and talks about the company’s products. I’ve never really heard of the brand apart from other people saying how brilliant it was! However I decided to purchase the cleansing clay mask. It’s especially for oily skin and I have really oily skin. 

I’ve used it everyday for one whole week, this is because I wanted to see the effect quickly to write this post! I will probably cut down to once a week after today!

After just using this product a couple of times. I have already seen the difference in my skin. It draws out your impurities and clear the pores. I’ll definitely continue using this product as it works wonders for my oily skin.

The only thing is this product is £25, which is pretty steep. However the product is extremely thick and about 5p coin sized lump will cover your whole face.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has oily skin, it leaves your face so flawless! It’s a miracle. You can find this product in the link below:) please leave comments as well I would love to know any more face masks that make your skin flawless!


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