How To Make The End Of Your Pregnancy Suck A Little Less

Despite the fact that i love being pregnant, these final last days have been challenging, I’ve managed to have a much better outlook, this is how i have manged my last final days.

FILL UP YOUR SCHEDULE- I’ve scheduled days out, appointments, planned girly days out. This is so i have not been thinking about labour and so that i am not bored out of my mind at home!

TREAT YOURSELF- Β Treat yourself to new clothes or desserts with your friends. Buy yourself some pretty make-up for postpartum. But i have realised that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it does a great job cushioning the blow during these last couple of days left of your pregnancy.

CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE- Part of the reasons why the end of pregnancy is so hard, is that pregnant ladies tend to get fixed on their due date, but really it is just a “guess date. Babies come whenever they please. i’m holding that due date with a light grip because the baby will be here sooner or later.

NEST- I’ll admit, it is a little annoying that the pregnancy nesting shows up at the end, when your body is sore and tired, but i say it is all worth it at the end if it. Enjoy this little burst of energy and out it to good use.

RELAX- If all this just sounds tiring to you, then you just do you! Stay in comfy clothes and watch some movies at your leisure order takeout and don’t clean a thing. Pregnancy is exhausting, so whatever makes it more manageable is exactly what you should do!



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